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Electro-Spec, Inc. is continually recognized as one of the leading specialty plating facilities in the United States. With a customer base from North America to Asia and Europe, Electro-Spec is synonymous with high quality and high reliability Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper and Tri-M3™(Tri-Alloy) electroplating. With the dedication of our new facility and equipment, our commitment to excellence in quality and service will be unsurpassed.

We take our commitment to our customers, vendors, employees and environment seriously. We believe that either in doing business with us or working for us, that commitment is ever-present. Electro-Spec is truly a leader in the plating industry, but it is our commitment that will allow us to grow and prosper for many years to come.

Our Approach

Electro-Spec is a company that focuses on teamwork in every phase of the operation. Whether they are a new hire or an employee with 35 years of service, every employee plays an integral part in the development and growth of the company. As a group, we inspire each other and as a team, we aspire to succeed.

Continual Improvement
Continual improvement is accomplished by encouraging standardization of work and processes as well as ensuring a basic understanding for the importance of a well organized workplace by training to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • AS 9100
  • ISO 13485 - Medical
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental
  • 6 "s"
  • Six Sigma
  • Root Cause Analysis

Our philosophy and commitment toward continual improvement will be enhanced as we focus on Six Sigma training (Green and Yellow Belt) training for all employees.

Electro-Spec's continued success is a direct reflection of the many partnerships that we have developed with our suppliers and our customers. Electro-Spec is committed to developing strategic alliances and partnerships in all levels of business to promote communication, development and service. We believe that these partnerships will promote growth and opportunities for technological advantages in the global marketplace.

In addition to many supplier awards that Electro-Spec has been awarded over the past several years from its customers, we have also been awarded with several state and national awards as well:

Environmental Stewardship Award Environmental Stewardship Award
Indiana Quality Improvement Award WinnerIndiana Quality Improvement Award Winner
2004 Blue Chip Business Award WinnerBlue Chip Business Award Winner

Who We Serve

Electro-Spec has been a supplier to many of the world's leading aerospace companies for years. Involved in several new and cutting edge technologies, we have been privileged to plate parts that have gone into the Mars Rover, Star Wars Defense systems, spy satellites, Space Shuttles and many other space applications.

We are a preferred plating vendor for "Hi-Reliability" applications that require 100% conformity and zero rejects.

Electro-Spec is a supplier on many different types of medical components. From micro-electronic medical components, to implantable components to bio-hazard/germicidal components, Electro-Spec is a partner in both new technologies and new product development.

We have the ability to meet many of the most stringent specifications in the medical industry, with indefinite traceability for all processes that we do.

Electro-Spec has been a leading plating supplier to many of the world's top Tier I and Tier II automotive companies. We have been involved in several new developments that have had significant benefits with regard to technology and cost reductions over previous applications. We have successfully converted many different methods and processes that have impacted Ford, GM and Chrysler on safety critical components.

Employing a variety of Six Sigma, Kaizan, Black Belt and SPC into these conversions, we stand prepared to tackle even the most difficult PPAP's and APQP's with a sound and methodical approach to meeting and exceeding your requirements.

Electro-Spec has been involved with the RF/Microwave industry for over 40 years. Starting as a plating supplier to "Specialty Connector Company" many years ago, Electro-Spec has had the privilege of being a supplier to many of the world's leading telecommunication companies. Understanding the need for precision plating, exact tolerances, consistent/uniform plating coverage and non-magnetic finishes is something that is built into all of our plating processes.

These processes are predicated on reducing RF loss, improving "skin effect", and minimizing intermodulation interference to facilitate and improve signal transmission.

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