SAM's Technology (Self Assembled Molecules)

SAM's technology or "Self Assembled Molecules" is an advanced plating method that offers enhanced corrosion and contact resistance, with excellent solderability. Electro-Spec, Inc. developed this innovative plating method which delivers 35% to 75% reduction in precious metal cost while providing equal or superior performance.

The process consists of a surface treatment (post plate) that forms a protective layer of "Self Assembled Molecules" on gold, silver and other non-precious metal plated surfaces. This process allows for precious metal thickness reduction providing a significant cost savings through enhanced corrosion, diffusion and wear resistance for electronic applications.

However, the cost savings are only part of the benefits of this cutting edge plating process. SAM's technology imparts stable contact resistance at interface Inert surface material (resists oxidation). It also provides resistance to the diffusion of base metals, to corrosion via low porosity, and resistance to wear because of its increased lubricity; in addition, SAM's also delivers higher conductivity.

Major OEMs and customers worldwide have utilized SAM's to cut cost from their products. Some customers have gone as far as to develop a dedicated specification for reduced gold thickness; it has allowed others to eliminate costly washing processes, and the list goes on. To learn more about this advanced plating process, and how it can pull costs from your electronics manufacturing processes, contact Electro-Spec directly.

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SAM's molecule
SAM's molecule
Corrosion without SAM's
Corrosion without SAM's
No Corrosion with SAM's
No Corrosion with SAM's

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Additional Information about SAM'S Technology

SAM’s Technology

In order to enhance corrosion and contact resistance, lubricity, and to act as a diffusion barrier, Electro-Spec offers Self Assembled Molecules (SAM’s) technology. This post-plating process improves component properties while reducing the required plating thicknesses of precious metals.

This innovative technology creates a coating by a reversible chemical process of molecular self-assembly. The self-assembled system forms spontaneously at the local level and continually rearranges itself to fill the entire surface of the plated component. As an advanced molecular engineering technology, SAM’s is currently in use many commercial and scientific applications.

Electro-Spec is pioneering the use of SAM’s for manufacturing and metal forming applications. The process employs bi-directional or multi-functional molecules that offer two or more termination groups with different functionality. Molecules can attach to almost any material including metals, alloys, ceramic, glass, and plastics.

SAM’s technology adds significant value to components. Performance and longevity are improved with this post-plating process. Benefits include contact and corrosion resistance, which creates a smooth surface for better electrical resistance and a barrier against corrosive materials, and improved wear resistance because the SAM’s layer acts as a lubricant protecting the component from damage over time.

For industries that rely on gold plated components such as coaxial cable and battery technologies, this process is cost effective while increasing the positive properties of the plating. Its ability to reduce precious metal thickness leads to significant cost savings through extended operating life of the components in electronic applications. The RF/microwave and medical industries have already realized the benefits of SAM’s technology. As the process becomes more widely adapted and used, additional industries, including military and governmental, will incorporate SAM’s technology for their components.

This unique post-plating technology is provided exclusively by Electro-Spec. As the leader in plating and advanced plating processes, Electro-Spec’s SAM’s technology offers OEMs an ideal option to reduce production costs while increasing performance. By advancing the technology of SAM’s, Electro-Spec is helping bring this process to more industries and applications.