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Online Tracking and Expediting System

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Work Order Tracking Sheet
Work Order Tracking Sheet

Electro-Spec, Inc.'s innovative methods for service include the ability to follow each of your orders online. Not only can you track your orders...you can expedite, change shipping methods, view historical turnaround by part number, download packing lists, download certifications of compliance and much more. Through our "Customer Portal", you can access all of your orders as they are received, processed and shipped back to you. From the time we receive the order until the time you receive the order back, you can track your order through this system.

If an item has shipped, you can click on the "detail link" and it will provide a hyperlink to UPS or FedEx to complete your tracking information.

If you need additional copies of documentation, you can download a PDF of the document right to your screen for each order.

This system also has the ability to manage inventory (kanban system) for orders you ship to us. You can view finished inventory, raw inventory, in process inventory and conduct releases for plating and shipment, right from your desk. You can even upload shipping documents and purchase orders to our system through this portal, when doing releases.

This system is updated every 30 seconds on our website and gives you the most up to date information on all of your orders. We understand the urgency of your orders and the need for immediate feedback on the status of these orders. Whether you are in the office or at home or on the road .... you will always have complete access and visibility to your orders through our online tracking and expediting system!

Fully Automated Plating Lines

Automated Plating Lines
Automated Plating Lines

A key to Electro-Spec's success has been its automated processing lines. Most automated lines are designed primarily for high volume and have limited flexibility to handle diverse parts. But Electro-Spec integrates TQR software into the plating process to deliver dramatically increased versatility and functionality. This technology easily accommodates a variety of parts, substrates, plates, thickness and handling methods that present problems for a traditional plater.

Operators can monitor all phases of the plating sequence and make adjustments to times, temperatures, thickness and more based on feedback they receive on a computer monitor.

An independent software module called Gravo 8.0 interfaces with the production system and is the first automation software for plating lines that allows real-time ability to view and control production operations while, at the same time, collects, analyzes and reports on plant floor activity. Production lines can process 60,000-80,000 jobs per year with 8 transporters and 180 processing positions. Barrels and racks continually rotate in-solution and out-of-solution to promote more efficient plating and rinsing.

Rectifiers are specially designed to supply a consistent current to barrels, racks and parts. Controls prevent peaks that can cause irregularities in the parts.

V-Saddles on the tanks act as high-current, self-cleaning contact frames to help ensure uniform current distribution.

Rinsing stations using cascading and counter-flow technology are continuously filtered and replenished with de-mineralized or de-ionized water from the waste treatment system.

Next Generation Technology & Software

Gravo 8.0
Gravo 8.0

Gravo 8.0 is an independent software module that interfaces with 'production system' through PLC (Programmable Logic Control). The 'production system' is directly controlled by the PLC, and indirectly by WinGravo 8.0. Therefore the 'production system' operates independently of WinGravo8.0 and depends only on the PLC to function.

Gravo 8.0 is the first HMI (Human Machine Interface) automation software for 'Plating Line' that allows you in real-time to view, control and manage production operations while at the same time providing the capability to collect, analyze and report on your plant floor information. These functionalities are integrated into one very user friendly and highly intuitive software package that can be easily tailored to your specific plant floor business requirements.

Vacuum Vapor Degreasing and Vacuum Ultrasonic Cleaning

Vacuum Vapor Cleaning
Vacuum Vapor Cleaning

Solvent Emission Reduction
Initially the air in the cleaning chamber is evacuated so that the solvent and the air are not interfaced with each other to eliminate the solvent emissions.

De-gassing the Solvent
When the solvent is placed under vacuum, the air dissolved in the solvent is eliminated to enhance the ultrasonic power - this means cleaner parts.

Drying the Parts Completely
In the vacuum drying process, the vacuum is created in the cleaning chamber. The higher the vacuum, the lower the solvent boiling point becomes. The heat capacity of the parts helps boil the solvent and the evaporated vapor is recaptured and recycled in the system. In case of methylene chloride, the boiling point at atmospheric pressure is about 40°C, whereas, at 80 torr it boils at - 10°C.

Closed-Loop Waste Treatment System

Waste Treatment System
Waste Treatment System

Electro-Spec's Goema waste water treatment system is one of the most advanced systems of its kind. This closed-loop system treats and recycles the water before re-introducing it to the plating lines as rinse water.

Goema technology can separate out 6 different types of metals in the waste stream. Rinses integrated into the plating line are constantly filtered and replenished through the waste treatment system.

Remarkably, cleaning and distillation recovers over 99.9 percent of all materials. Even the material removed from the water is dried, pressed and re-purposed. Silver and gold recovery from rinses ensures recovery of all precious metals.

Metallurgical & Chemical Capabilities

Understanding its role in the supply chain, Electro-Spec's commitment to quality can be seen throughout the facility in its Inspection Departments, Metallurgical Laboratory, Chemical Laboratory and its software systems.

Critical process control is achieved through custom software that provides plating and inspection criteria to all personnel throughout the facility. Control plans, Process Flow Diagrams, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and other industry recognized documentation is maintained through these systems and provides traceability on a part-by-part basis for all customers. Statistical Process Control is integrated into Electro-Spec's software for the Chemical Laboratory and Inspection Departments.

Utilizing only the most advanced equipment like Fluorescence X-Ray Spectrometers, Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and various types of other analytical equipment provides Electro-Spec with unparalleled capabilities in process control, failure analysis and product conformance.

Electro-Spec's Inspection Department can perform virtually any required test to meet most customer and industry specifications like adhesion, thickness, solderability, steam age, quench, nitric vapor porosity, ammonium sulfide and post plate tolerance allowances. Electro-Spec also can measure hardness and provide micro-sectioning to confirm thicknesses of deposits.

These capabilities help Electro-Spec to be certified by Lockheed Martin Space and Raytheon as an approved plating supplier as well as being certified to ISO 9001:2008, AS 9100:2009 and ISO 14001:2004.

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