As a full service provider of precious metal plating services, Electro-Spec, Inc. provides various specialized plating processes to meet the stringent demands of their customers. Exemplifying these capabilities is a plating process that selectively plates gold onto loose piece pins and contacts.

This advanced precision plating process utilizes a controlled depth plating system and special tooling, which gives Electro-Spec the ability to apply gold plate to the end of a pin or contact with precision control. It can impart as much as 5 microns (.000200″) gold, while leaving the rest of the pin nickel plated or with as little as .125 microns (.000005″) of Gold. Because of the extreme control that this selective gold plating allows, as much as 70% savings in material can be gleaned.

In addition, this highly engineered system also delivers precise consistency and repeatability; by using precision fluid level monitoring, it can produce controlled depth to within .022″. The plating system utilizes flexible tooling and transport belt which allows for a wide range of controlled depth plated part configurations. By using specific inserts for each part, Electro-Spec can plate parts up to 1.75″ in length and .25″ in diameter. For more information, contact Electro-Spec directly.

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