Electro-Spec’s innovative methods for plating include a new technological advancement known as “NanoSHIELD-AU”.  NanoSHIELD-AU technology is an advanced plating method that offers enhanced corrosion and contact resistance, with excellent solderability. With a thicker and tighter film build than its predecessor technology (SAM’s),  NanoSHIELD-AU delivers a 35% to 75% reduction in precious metal cost while providing equal or superior performance to traditional gold thicknesses.

This process employs bi-functional or multi-functional molecules that offer two . . . or more . . . termination groups with different functionality. Typically one end is attached to a specific surface while the other end provides specific functionality. The process consists of a surface treatment (post plate) that forms a protective molecular layer on gold plated surfaces. This process allows for precious metal thickness reduction providing significant cost savings through enhanced corrosion, diffusion, and wear resistance for electronic applications.  More importantly, the metallurgical properties of the gold (hardness and purity) are not impacted, allowing conformance to all current industrial, commercial and federal gold plating specifications. 

So what is Electro-Spec’s NanoSHIELD-AU Process and Purpose? 
  • A surface treatment (Post Plate) that forms a protective layer of “Self Assembled Molecules” on Gold plated surfaces.
  • Precious metal thickness reduction and significant cost savings through enhanced corrosion, diffusion and wear resistance for electronic applications.
  • Diffusion Barrier to intragranular and trans-granular metallic contamination and modification (Cu Migration)
  • Better Solderability
  • Thickness Reduction
  • 35% to 75% precious metal cost reduction with reduced thickness produces  equal or better performance

The cost savings are only part of the benefits of this cutting-edge plating process. NanoSHIELD-AU technology imparts stable contact resistance at the interface, inhibiting oxidation which can sometimes impact signal impedance. It also provides resistance to the diffusion of base metals, to corrosion via low porosity, and resistance to wear because of its increased lubricity  Additionally, NanoSHIELD-AU also delivers higher conductivity.

Major OEMs and customers worldwide have utilized NanoSHIELD-AU to cut cost from their products. Some customers have even developed dedicated specifications for reduced gold thickness. To learn more about this advanced plating process, and how it can reduce costs from your electronics manufacturing processes, contact Electro-Spec directly.

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