At Electro-Spec, Inc. we specialize in employing innovative methods, such as Spouted Bed Electrode (SBE), which allow us to provide plating service for a wide range of industries and applications.

This process is designed exclusively for gold, nickel, electroless nickel, and copper plating. The SBE process is ideal suited for small parts with features such as flat surfaces, counter bores, tabs, nested parts, or complex geometries. This makes it the perfect process for parts where vibratory or conventional barrel plating is impossible or impractical.

The SBE process is accomplished in a chamber with ultrasonic action; a continuous flow of solution is pumped into and out of the chamber. This facilitates part movement and provides fresh plating electrolyte during the plating process. It ensures that each part receives uniform plating coverage on all surface areas no matter how complex the geometry.

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