Online Tracking And Expediting System

Online Tracking And Expediting SystemElectro-Spec’s innovative methods for service include the ability to follow each of your orders online. Not only can you track your orders by the minute…you can expedite, change shipping methods, view historical turnaround by part number, download packing lists, download certifications of compliance, and much more. Through our “Customer Portal”, you can access all of your orders as they are received, processed, and shipped back to you. From the time we receive the order until the time you receive the order back, you can track your order through this system.

If an item has shipped, you can click on the “detail link” and it will provide a hyperlink to UPS, FedEx, DHL, or other carriers to complete your tracking information.

If you need additional copies of documentation, you can download a PDF of the document right to your screen for each order.

This system also has the ability to manage inventory (kanban system) for orders you ship to us. You can view finished inventory, raw inventory, in-process inventory, and conduct releases for plating and shipment, right from your desk. You can even upload shipping documents and purchase orders to our system through this portal when doing releases.

This system is updated every 30 seconds on our website and gives you the most up to date information on all of your orders. We understand the urgency of your orders and the need for immediate feedback on the status of these orders. Whether you are in the office or at home or on the road …. you will always have complete access and visibility to your orders through our online tracking and expediting system!

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Vacuum Vapor Degreasing And Vaccum Ultrasonic Cleaning

Vacuum Vapor Degreasing And Vaccum Ultrasonic CleaningElectro-Spec incorporates environmentally friendly vacuum vapor degreasing with VaporSolv, which is an EPA approved non-hazardous fluorinated solvent. Our degreasers operate under vacuum to ensure that all areas of the parts (including deep counterbores and recesses) are clean prior to plating. An integrated solvent recovery system allows us to recycle the solvent and continually reuse over hundreds of thousands of parts.

Vacuum vapor degreasing eliminates air within the machinery during the process, allowing for higher efficiency, better results, and lowered emissions.

  • Pollution Prevention: the combination of a non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-hazardous solvent with an airless vacuum system significantly reduces the potential for air pollution that has plagued the cleaning industry for decades.
  • Cleaner Parts: Throughout the cleaning process, the air that is dissolved within the solvent is eliminated under vacuum, which results in increased ultrasonic power and cleaner parts.
  • Low Energy Consumption: There is virtually no energy loss with the unique methods used in airless systems, reducing utility costs and resulting in long-term savings for your company.
  • Solvent Recycling: Through a distillation process and solvent recovery system, the solvent can be reused over the course of hundreds of thousands of parts, minimizing the need for continued waste treatment.

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Closed-Loop Waste Treatment System

Closed-Loop Waste Treatment SystemElectro-Spec’s Ovivo wastewater treatment system is one of the most advanced systems of its kind. This closed-loop system treats and recycles the water before re-introducing it to the plating lines as rinse water.

Ovivo technology can separate out 6 different types of metals in the waste stream. Rinses integrated into the plating line are constantly filtered and replenished through the waste treatment system.

Remarkably, cleaning and distillation recover over 99.9 percent of all materials. Even the material removed from the water is dried, pressed, and re-purposed. Silver and gold reclamation from rinses, strips, and plating baths ensures recovery of all precious metals.

Three key attributes of this system that makes it unique in the plating industry:

  • DI System – PLC controlled system allowing Electro-Spec to control the conductivity of our deionized water to less than 5 micro siemens (µS). DI System utilizes UV disinfection to allow water to be free of algae and bacteria at all times. The system uses a self-regeneration technology to ensure water is never higher than the programmed set point.
  • Nickel Recovery – PLC controlled system allowing proper removal of all nickel-bearing water from rinse processes. This allows Electro-Spec’s water purification system or ION-exchange to work more efficient to recycle or purify the rinse water to less than 30 micro siemens (µS).
  • UV Light Disinfection to continuously “sanitize” the water from harmful contaminants.

Finally, 80% of all water used at Electro-Spec for rinsing parts is recycled or purified using an OVIVO ION-Exchange system that will reclaim rinse water at 100 gpm. This system not only removes metal from the rinse water, it also removes any residual cyanide from rinse water as well. This is a PLC controlled system allowing recycled water to always remain below the programmed set point.